The Day of the Locust

These pictures are meant to be stills from a movie I might have made from the story which is set in 1930s Hollywood where being hungry and desire were two faces of one coin. The actors I chose to play the parts were mostly strangers to me. I met Faye Greener when Sarah Cabral sold me a dress. Jan Halpern was poised to steal a piece of vintage clothing (I thought) and I saw Homer Simpson in the flesh.

“How brilliant the staging of the completely artificial ‘natural light’ and the completely awkward ‘natural poses’ in Gray’s photographs. It’s a perfect equivalent for what’s so awful and heartbreaking and beautiful in West’s novel.”

 - Robert Hass

“You don’t have to page back and forth between the text and the photographs; the pictures glow in the reader’s mind from first sight.”

- Greil Marcus

“It’s as if the separate shadows of all the book’s desperate wannabes are stripped away, mixed up together, and evenly smeared over the surface of their world like smog residue.
- Alissa Valles, Brick