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Lucy Gray grew up outside Detroit. There was a round barn next to her house that had been abandoned for years. The only thing in it was a black carriage that had once been drawn by horses. Gray drove that buggy in an imaginary world. When she went to school she turned her private thoughts into performances on stage. At Dartmouth College she studied film and European literature. She became a radio talk show host. She moved west and worked in the movie business. Then she wrote about it for magazines and then she had children and changed careers to become a photographer. She was represented by the Jernigan Wicker Fine Art Gallery for ten years at which time she also ran a family portraiture business. She became an early vlogger with a show called Lucy Talks Movies. For ten years she programmed and lectured about movies to private film clubs. She was taking stills all these years but the movies have informed them such that she now makes sequences that she thinks of as somewhere between silent films and comics.

Gray has had published "Balancing Acts: Three Prima Ballerinas Becoming Mothers" which received international reviews, prizes and is in the collection at the deYoung Museum. Her artist's edition of Nathanael West's "The Day of the Locust" is in special collections in the Legion of Honor and the Getty Museums. The Berkeley Art Museum has in their collections her series “Dorothea Lange’s Footsteps: Foreclosure in the Central Valley in 2008.” She has had photographs published in The Cut, The New York Times, Mother Jones, The Independent, Elle, Time Lightbox, El Pais,Corriera della Sera, Republica, The Sunday Times among others. Two recent published articles by her can be read in Alta and American Theater Magazine.

A hallmark of her achievements has been in experimenting with exhibition spaces. Her Naming the Homeless was made for the nave at Grace Cathedral San Francisco at Christmas when 50,000 people visited. Eight of the thirty people photographed got jobs. Yale University invited a showing of the pictures. The Governor of Connecticut heard Gray give a talk there and brought the show to the State House. Exhibitions of “Balancing Acts” were shown at the San Francisco Public Library, Stanford University’s Institute on Women and Gender and at the Museum of the Americas in Washington, D.C. Other remarkable exhibitions include the montages she made with the actress Tilda Swinton that were projected onto the north and south faces of City Hall for a week during the Film Festival in San Francisco. In 2013 she made the beautiful short film, Genevieve Goes Boating, narrated by Swinton, that is a child's vision of family crisis. It was in Filmstruck's top ten best that year. It played for nearly three years continuously in the lobby of Building C in Fort Mason where 2 million people visit each year. Meanwhile, the film traveled throughout India in children’s schools. It was bookended there with screenings at national festivals in Mumbai.

Lucy Gray lives and works in San Francisco.



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Bachelors Degree with concentrations in European Literature and Film, Dartmouth College, University of New Hampshire, Special Degree Program, 1979