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Tango in San Francisco

It almost felt that in the fall of 2001 as if the subject of Tango had chosen me. I was to photograph a wedding and I rode to the job in a car with the couple who'd made the cake. In the course of the two-hour drive they told me that they'd met tangoing. I felt immediately that this would be a good subject to photograph and they offered to introduce me to some dancers and some of the clubs in the Bay Area of California where milongas were held. A few days later, I was having dinner with a friend and she asked me what my next project would be. I told her that I was thinking about photographing tangeros. No sooner had I said that then the lights in the restaurant, Destino, were turned down, tango music began playing and a couple started dancing in a five-foot square patch of floor. I had never seen tango before. We had no idea that on Wednesday nights beginning at 9:00 this couple came to this restaurant and danced the tango. It felt like a sign that I was supposed to chronicle this dance. I did not resist. Three days later, I began my tour into a recreation of Argentinean tango culture such as exists in many cities and towns all over America.

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