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In Nevada Statement

I took these pictures for a book called In Nevada: The Land, the People, God and Chance written by David Thomson and published by Alfred A. Knopf in the fall of 1999. Twenty pictures were taken as part of the thirty-five included in the book and the fifty-five that form an exhibition which first showed at the Jernigan Wicker Fine Art Gallery in San Francisco. I had been primarily a portrait photographer but I took the pictures because I was asked to do so by the author, David Thomson, who is also my husband.   We traveled with our two small children to Nevada many times over the course of four years. In Las Vegas I would get up at dawn and sneak out with my camera equipment and take the pictures. But in many rural places my husband would drive us all there knowing it would figure in his story and I'd tell him to stop the car along the way wherever I thought I saw a great picture. He rarely suggested a picture to me. He didn't ask what I was taking. He'd occupy the children while I explored.

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