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Naming the Homeless
December 5th 1998 - January 3 1999

There had never been an exhibition in the nave of Grace Cathedral, so it's safe to assume that almost every one of the 50,000 people who came to the cathedral that December were there to pray or hear sermons or music, not to see photographs of the homeless. But, once there, they couldn't miss the fifty-five pictures hung on the pillars throughout the nave. As I visited the exhibition twice a day (to change the batteries on the lights above each picture), I regularly had to wend my way through throngs of people standing before the pictures sobbing. Sometimes the viewers would make eloquent comments about the images, but the tears were worth a thousand words. And, thrillingly, eight of the homeless people in the photographs actually got work.   That had been the intention of the project.   It was in that venue that I realized how effective art can be when it sneaks unexpectedly into people's everyday lives.

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