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Genevieve Goes Boating:

Genevieve Goes Boating was narrated by the Oscar winning actress Tilda Swinton. The film is seventeen minutes long and played continuously from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day at Fort Mason in the lobby of Center in Building C. The screenings were free. The movie played continuously from June 2011 - November 2013 and was Film Threat's Top 10 of 2012

The story is about a young girl, Genevieve, who builds a boat with her father. He tells her that learning to sail is a step in becoming a young woman. Genevieve sits in the boat every day with her imaginary friends but she is afraid to sail until one day her father goes away. She thinks if she actually sails the boat he might come back. At first, she loves sailing. But then she has to sail home in a storm…

----Lucy Gray


Film Threat's Top 10 of 2012

"[T]his is a lovely debut, worth seeing and worth thinking about. You might even take 34 minutes and see it twice." --- Mick LaSalle, SFGate
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"Genevieve ultimately emerges as the hero of her own adventure, while Gray emerges as a new cinematic hero who is willing to challenge the proto
cols of indie filmmaking with a highly distinctive style." --- Film Threat with Phil Hall Read full review:


Tilda Swinton is an Oscar Winning actress for her role in Michael Clayton, 2007. She graduated Cambridge in 1983 with a degree in English Literature. She worked from 1985 for nearly ten years with the experimental filmmaker Derek Jarman. She continued to make experimental films until 2001 when she made the thriller Deep End. The fiercely talented actress has made many independent and industry films since then spanning the genre’s as in Disney’s The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, 2005 to Something about Kevin 2011.

Lucy Gray studied film at Dartmouth College. She has created many public art projects. She made “Naming the Homeless” at Grace Cathedral in 1998. Her montages made with Tilda Swinton were projected on the North and South faces of City Hall for a week during the 2007 San Francisco International Film Festival. After a year of making a film a week for, for a show called “Lucy Talks Movies” she wrote and produced her first play at Grace Cathedral in 2009. This is her first film.

Shaari Ergas; Joe Sherer; Kitty Sherer are all fabulous amateurs.

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Videographer/Lighting/After Effects:
Wayland Bell made films throughout high school at Mount Tamalpais High. He is studying film at the New School for Social Research in New York.

Videographer and Editor:
James Reed graduated in filmmaking at U. C. Santa Cruz in 2002. He is a documentary filmmaker: Helmet Optional, 70 %. He has shot and edited Xavier Viramontes: Printmaker A LIFE IN PRINT, Seven Visions, Pirkle Jones: Seven Decades Photographed. This is his first story film.

Marshall Crutcher is an Emmy Award Winning composer who studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Since 1995 he has scored over twenty soundtracks for games including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for Tim Burton. He has scored television series for PBS, Nickelodeon, Disney. He has written music for documentaries and feature films and advertising for clients from Apple to Sony.

Set Design/Builder/Additional Videography:
Benjamin Pierce studied ballet at the American Ballet Theatre in New York and became a Principal Dancer at San Francisco Ballet. In 2000 he designed his first set there for Julia Adam’s ballet “Night.” He studied film production at S.F. State University and after retiring from the stage worked for PBS at their local Spark Program. He is now an Emmy Award winning documentarian and continues to design sets. 

Shayla Dopp is a photographer who has recently returned from living in Paris. She has exhibited at Ciel, London 2010; and locally at Root Division, Intersection for the Arts and Kulpa. She has been in web publications of Wired Magazine, Tesla and Opium Magazine. In 2011 she was a Set Costumer for Michael Polish’s feature film, Big Sur.



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Genevieve Goes Boating
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Genevieve Goes Boating
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Genevieve Goes Boating, Berkshire International Film Festival, Great Barrington, MA., 2012